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10 things you shouldn’t say to your customers


One of the reasons customers leave a company is that they feel they’ve been treated rudely or with indifference. Most of them don’t tell you that they are offended or bothered by what was said, they just never come back.

So most of the employees who treated customers that way probably never even realized it!

That’s why it’s important to choose words carefully when dealing with customers. Whatever is the channel you’re communicating with them, here there are 10 sentences, words and phrases to avoid in customer communications.

It’s no big deal

Maybe it is not be a big deal to you, but it is for your customer. Instead, say: “Tell me more.”

Don’t worry about it

Never tell customers how to feel. You don’t know how any customer handles personal and business issues.

You’re the first one to complain about this

Always remember that a customer who gives a complaint, especially if unique, is doing you a favor.

You don’t seem to understand

Maybe you aren’t being clear, so do not imply that the customer is the problem.

I don’t think you’re listening to me

10 things you shouldn’t say to your customers

Customers can be distracted during conversations by a multitude of things, or maybe you are not presenting the information well.

I am such an idiot

Even when you make mistakes, don’t undermine your abilities. One error does not make anyone stupid or incompetent or silly.

It’s not my fault

Responsible, successful companies own up to their faults and pursue solutions to retain the respect of their customers.

No offense, but …

If you have to start a sentence with this phrase, it’s probably best to stop the sentence right there.


10 things you shouldn’t say to your customers

Are you a teenage girl? No. If you use this kind of texting language with customers, you’ll appear to be unprofessional.

How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Appropriate jokes and humor are OK, but be careful: don’t use jokes that poke fun at any one group of people, they can be offensive!

Inspired by this article on Customer Experience Insight.

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