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5 Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Website


Everyday a consumer’s shopping experience becomes more mobile, social and visual, reason why more and more businesses are expanding online and almost any product or service is available via a click or a swipe.

Interesting studies show that online customers are very loyal, maybe even more than customers who shop in-store.

There are many features that you can include in your e-commerce website, to improve it and taking your business to a new level.

Make your website easy to navigate

5 Tips to Improve your Ecommerce Website

I know it may seem quite obvious, but it is not. Make sure that the structure of your website is well organized for visitors and easy for search engines to understand. It should be easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and what their other options are for related products.

Also, equip your ecommerce site for mobile users. It’s quite clear now that ecommerce companies can’t afford to ignore mobile users. In fact, four out of five smartphone owners use their devices to shop!

Create a User-Oriented Experience

If customers can’t see and touch the products, it’s harder to convince them to buy. One way to encourage customers to fill their shopping carts is offering a user-friendly and personalized experience. Use multiple payment methods; publish beautiful, professional photographs; make sure to give your customer all the information they need about the product or service.

Use incentives

Build your customer base and drive sales with promotions, discounts and free shipping. Think of creative ways to reward your customers and maket them to share your promotions with their friends.


Offer a great customer service

It is hard to stand out from the competition online today, but making the customer experience really enjoyable can make the difference.

When it comes to customer service, think how you can improve it by helping your customers throughout every part of the sales funnel. Your business should provide support before, during, and after the sale and on every channel they might reach you.

Get on Social Media

If you are not on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest create an account, now. It’s not necessary to be on every social network, but you should be on social media sites that your customers use.

Social media are a great way to engage with your customers, share interesting content and gather valuable feedback.

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