If you love your customers, let them go

If you love your customers, let them go

At this moment, the biggest issue that most brands seem to be facing with their online presence is definitely control. While everyone is more than ready to talk about online engagement, and all the major brand are very happy to promote themselves on yet another media channel, their attitude towards the response of customers is not always so positive.

There’s a huge inherent vice in this whole attitude: most brands haven’t understood that social media are not about doing the talking, they are (or at least they SHOULD be!) about listening. Brands simply want to use Facebook and Twitter as an amplification device to reach out to a younger,more tech-savvy, audience that is growing more and more immune to traditional types of advertising.

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3 good reasons to embrace your customer care mistakes

It’s way too easy to imagine a system so perfect that every tiniest detail is carefully tailored and fussed over, where every member of the team flawlessly carries out their job, where every piece of the selling puzzle is perfectly sliding into place, where every brochure, web site, catalogue and leaflet is so carefully crafted and designed that it needs no further explanation. It’s easy… but unfortunately reality is often quite different.

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multi channel customer care

Channels are just channels: helping customers is a different thing

The road is not your final destination

Social media and internet came as quite a shock for the world of customer care. Through these new media, clients could get in contact with companies using a bunch of brand new channels and this created quite a messy situation. Many companies panicked: how can one tackle ALL these incoming messages, without getting lost in the madness?
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deskero empathy header

The many faces of empathy, and how to use all of them.

The not so simple law of empathy

The simplest definition of empathy is “to understand and feel what somebody else is feeling” and it should be extremely easy to understand why this virtue is so important for customer care. Yet empathy is a pretty complex thing that embraces many different feelings, that are not all equally useful in this field.
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deskero cloud software

Cloud software infographic: living in the cloud

The cloud is definitely rising.

A report from software recommendation and research company, Software Advice, shows that companies do not want on-premises software anymore: they are more expensive, more difficult to manage and way less adaptable. On the other hand, cloud software has constantly risen, thanks to its ease of implementation (say bye bye to all those IT expenses) and attractive pricing.
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branding header

Customer care is yet another side of branding

What is branding, anyway?

The word “branding” has always been very foggy, but it has recently become even more complex. Traditionally used to define the very broad range of activities to place a product inside its market (from logo to package design, from promotional strategy to pricing), the word has become more and more disembodied and presently revolves around ideas such as “customer experience” and “customer relationship”.
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What’s the point of having a strategy?

What strategy is NOT.

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