The truth about live chat: an interview with Craig Borowski

Craig Borowski is a Market Researcher at Software Advice, the online center for help desk software, covering technology and changing trends in the CRM market, with a focus on customer service, marketing automation and the impact of technology on CRM strategy. After having published an interesting infographic based on his great report on the current use of live chat in customer care we asked him a few questions, to better understand where chat is heading and how important it can actually become for customer support.

How good is chat for customer care?

In many contexts, live chat is the best channel there is for customer care and service. It’s both immediate and requires very little effort. There aren’t really any other channels that can claim to be both those things. One of it’s potential shortcomings could be with very complex service issues, where there will be a lot of back and forth diagnosing the problem. In this situations, the benefits of channels like the telephone might be better.

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