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Deskero in ‘The Clouds Economy’


The 2th October a very interesting book will be published.


I’m talking about The Clouds Economy written by Matt Mayevsky, a book presenting the multi-dimensional perspective of Cloud Computing and explaining how and why one should take advantage of Cloud solutions.

The publication presents the latest and unique opinions, views, and the news about the Cloud market and the description of its evolution. It is full of practical examples describing possible using of Cloud solutions and also references to real applications. And Deskero is one of them!

The Clouds Economy is dedicated to business users, but also private users will find useful advices and Cloud inspirations improving the organization of daily life.

The book is written in colourful, non-technical language enabling to understand complex aspects of CC to all interested in taking advantage of the variety of the offer and the possibilities of the Clouds World.


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Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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