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Deskero: one of the best Help Desk User Interfaces!


Creating a great interface for a great software

When designing Deskero, we wanted our interface to be both esthetically beautiful and utterly simple to use, so that customers and agents really feel at home.

We did our best to provide our customers with super-solid features, but we wanted them to be super easy to use: agents needed to reach out and grab what they needed without wasting time in boring training and cumbersome trial and error.


We wanted Deskero to be simple and to look great.

That’s what we wanted… and apparently we did it just right, because help desk software comparison company Software Advice just mentioned us in their “10 Favorite Help Desk User Interfaces”! 

Software Advice


Here’s what Jay Ivey, Managing Editor at Software Advice thinks of us:

“When evaluating help desk software user interfaces (UIs), we looked for designs with intuitive navigation systems; ticket queues that communicated a high-density of information while remaining easy to scan through quickly; layouts that arrange information by importance; and aesthetically pleasing reports.

Our favorite UIs combine several of these elements (and more) to make the software easy to pick up for new agents, and yet still speedy for veterans.

We chose Deskero for a lot of reasons, but we were especially impressed with the intuitiveness, readability and functionality of its sidebar, which makes great use of gray color scale to help distinguish between different areas of the interface.

It also has legible, bright red notification buttons to keep agents abreast of how many high-priority tickets are active in the queue no matter what they’re currently doing in the system.”


We are awfully proud and incredible happy… but we’ll keep up the good work, ‘cause the best is still to come!

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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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