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Cloud software infographic: living in the cloud

The cloud is definitely rising.

A report from software recommendation and research company, Software Advice, shows that companies do not want on-premises software anymore: they are more expensive, more difficult to manage and way less adaptable. On the other hand, cloud software has constantly risen, thanks to its ease of implementation (say bye bye to all those IT expenses) and attractive pricing.
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branding header

Customer care is yet another side of branding

What is branding, anyway?

The word “branding” has always been very foggy, but it has recently become even more complex. Traditionally used to define the very broad range of activities to place a product inside its market (from logo to package design, from promotional strategy to pricing), the word has become more and more disembodied and presently revolves around ideas such as “customer experience” and “customer relationship”.
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What’s the point of having a strategy?

What strategy is NOT.

Despite all the constant reminders on how essential it is to have a well defined strategy to deal with customer issues, very few companies are actually able to nail it down. A lot of customer care departments think of strategy as a marketing gimmick that will only have them waste time. Continue reading…