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The To-Do List: You’re Doing It Wrong. Here are 5 Alternatives

Come on, let’s just admit it, in the super-busy world of customer care we are all a little bit obsessed with to-do lists! And the funny thing is, we are probably doing it all wrong. So why don’t we take this holiday weekend to pause and think about it a bit more ? There just has to be a more positive and productive way to think about our beloved to do lists!


4 Reasons Startups Are Openly Sharing Their Ideas

There’s so much talk going on about being an “open” company… and apparently it’s happening for real because here come the death of the NDA, after ages of agony.
And who knows? Perhaps companies will finally learn that there’s nothing to lose  being transparent, with partners and clients, too!


We’re Efficient, But What Does That Do To The Customer Experience?

Reading this article reminded me about a Wooden quote, “Don’t mistake activity with achievement”. It questions the whole idea of efficiency: in order to achieve more and more, we tend to forget about getting personally in touch with customers, who feel pushed away. Customers are human beings, not bullet items on a to do list!


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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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