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Survey: The Best ‘Tone’ for Email Customer Support

A super interesting survey, dealing with a tough subject: how “casual” you should sound while dealing with customers? How personal you can become, without crossing the bridge to pushy? Your tone is much more important than what you think… so choose your words carefully, avoid sounding like a teenager writing to his buddy and everything will be all right. Hopefully.


What’s the Bigger Win?

We love to argument. We love to win. And we love to win an argument.

We have this feeling that we must ALWAYS be right… why? There are times where loosing is so much more productive: it gives us perspective and allows us to become more open minded. So… what does “winning” really mean?


Is social forcing your service and marketing departments to marry?

The answer is “Yes!”, and we just talked about it right here. Customer care should be your utmost priority on social media. Marketing comes next.


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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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