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Weekend reads: best links of the week


In search of meaningful – Seth Godin

Every word by Seth Godin should be treasured, but this article was particularly meaningful: it says everything that must be said about online content, marketing, and making the difference when communicating your ideas. It’s not about the mouse clicks, it’s about the peoples behind them. you don’t need to be viral: you need to be unique.


Sorry, not sorry – Why women need to stop apologizing for everything – Gwen Moran

This article is about leadership and women, but it’s a great read even for customer care professionals (of both sexes). It’s all about the broken psychology behind an unneeded apology: we don’t say “I’m sorry” because we really feel it… most of the time we just say it to get rid of our own insecurity.


Customers don’t care that you are the CEO – Francisco Navarro

Everything that goes AGAINST the marketing jibber jabber is welcome, and this article says it all. The whole LinkedIn job title philosophy, where we think that an inflated title can make us look powerful is so very wrong when dealing with customers… or with any other honest human being around!



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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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