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Why is customer feedback so important to improve your business?


Whatever you do and however you do it, you know that you will have to deal with your customers to realize if you did it right. Who better than those who use your product or service can tell you if it works?

So, the smartest thing you can do is to gather precious feedback from your customers in order to improve not only your product or service, but also the way your brand is perceived.
customer feedback

Customer feedback is vital when you need to introduce new products and have to determine the market’s needs. You should decide the product features or style on the basis of focus groups and surveys or  your product is likely to fail.

Customer feedback is very useful also when you need to compare you product to competitive ones and determine in what you are better or worse than the competition.

If you are losing market share, you can ask what are the reasons to your customers. Maybe there is something different about your product, or the way consumers see your brand has changed. If you made a mistake and someone tells you what it is, it will be easier to fix it.

Most important thing: you should always ask you customers  what they think about your customer service. Do they feel considered enough? Is the process of assistance request easy and quick? Is their whole experience with your brand enjoyable?

What they will tell you is precious, so do not limit yourself to listen and apply what you have learned from your most valuable source: your customers.

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Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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