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Always getting better: a couple of updates


The Deskero development team has been quite busy working on some little improvements aimed to make your everyday life easier. We always listen to our customers: their opinion is far more important than ours! That’s why we constantly try to move our software in the direction you point us into.

In the recent months we were hard at work on these little features, developed as a direct request from specific customers and now available for everyone, in the Business and Power plan!

deskero update 01


Working on different tickets at the same time? Feeling in need of a coffee break? Requiring some further info from a member of your team? Go ahead and stop writing, right in the middle of a sentence! Just leave that ticket (or reply or knowledge base item) and worry not: when you come back you’ll find it exactly where you left it, thanks to our brand new auto-save feature.

While writing any type of text in Deskero this feature will automatically create a draft that will always be available for you to re-open and edit: you are know able to get back to work whenever you like, with no fear of loosing anything! No more accidental loss of time and work because of a browser crash, connection issue or blackout: your work will be waiting for you when you come back up.


Custom session timeout

Getting tired of the boring “Session expired!” message every time you leave your computer for a couple of minutes? Just get rid of it. It’s now possible to personalize the duration of your Deskero working session, in order to avoid any unnecessary timing out. You can now customize your working experience as you wish so as to avoid that annoying log out.

Each session timeout period can be personalised for every single user or the for whole connecting domain: it’s entirely up to you. And if you need some more fine tuning just drop us a line at!


deskero update 02

Spell check

How annoying it is to make silly typos while writing at full speed! And it becomes an even bigger pain while working in several different languages at the same time. Typos are bad and clients see them as a lack of attention, yet most of the time they are unavoidable… or are they?

To help you out doing this tiresome job we added a new spell check feature: now each misspelled word is highlighted in red and immediately brought to your attention. By right clicking it you also get instant suggestions on how to edit and correct it.

The service is available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish and it works according to the language chosen by the agent: a small feature that can solve big problems… and allows you to save lots of time.


Better chats are yet to come

We are currently fine-tuning some more features, that we hope to have ready in the next following months.
In particular we are doing our best to further improve our chat system, by adding a bunch of brand new features that will help you personalize your chat experience. You’ll be able to freely edit all the colors, buttons and borders of the widget. All the text will also be completely editable: you’ll be able to add a custom greeting message, customize the buttons’ text and choose between different timing options for the first message to appear.
You’ll also be able to organize your incoming chat requests into different groups, just like you do for regular tickets: for example you can split requests between support and sales groups, to get in touch with the right agent, every time!

Have some awesome idee for a new feature or improvement? Please share it with us ( we’ll be delighted to learn some new ways to enhance your Deskero experience!


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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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