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Deskero: a case study on Enhanced Customer Support!


In recent months we’ve published a couple of case studies, featuring examples of brilliant customer care from our clients… but now it’s our turn to be analyzed!

We are especially proud of having been interviewed by none the less than the European Commission! The topic? You’ll never guess: “Enhanced Customer Support”.

Deskero has been selected as one of the most innovative European companies in the area of customer support and in this case study we had the chance to discuss everything about the customer care market, from its key features to its biggest obstacles, alongside some other great companies. It’s a fascinating and in depth study about one of the most relevant and innovative markets of the digital world.

The emerging trends? Great customer support needs to be completely personalized as well as precisely targeted, to achieve best results. Social media is also a great pivot point, that is driving a great shift in focus, from the product to the customer.

The case study is a great way to discover everything you might need to know about the evolving customer care market, and focuses on the most innovative and effective software solutions available. Check it out! 

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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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