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Deskero 2.0 is here: new & even better than before!


We are very pleased to announce that, after almost 2 years of hard work, a brand new version of Deskero is finally here!

In the past months our team has worked hard to create a brand new interface for our beloved software, with a completely revised graphic style: super minimal and even easier to use. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg: we’ve added tons of new features and updated all the pre-existing ones, in order to make them even more effective and flexible. Deskero keeps growing and growing!

Since going live in June 2013, Deskero never stopped growing. During these years we kept adding features, to offer to our clients new ways to interact with their audience. Our aim has always been the same: we want to bring great customer care tools to every company, by making them easy to implement and effective to use. Our redesign goes in this direction, creating new possibilities while making them even simpler to use than before.

These first years have been incredible: we started out as newcomers and we are now proud to have hundreds of clients, in every type of business and from everywhere in the world. But the best things are yet to come: we are looking to add even more channels and features to our software, transforming Deskero into a full fledged customer care power house!

Stay tuned… ‘cause this is really just the beginning!

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By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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