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The new Deskero app for customer service


Great customer care cannot be tied down to an office desk!
Excellent support means a full time connection with your customers: your team must be available, always, and in real time. Sounds hard? It is… but it becomes so much easier when you use the right tool!

And this is why we are proud to bring out the brand new deskero app for customer care!

deskero mobile app for customer service

With the Deskero app for customer service and engagement, your team can take care of tickets in a snap, from everywhere: during meetings, while queuing at the supermarket, while getting bored in a waiting room. Replying to a ticket takes nothing more than a simple gesture and you can do this while watching TV from your couch: it’ll be done before the commercial ends, and multitasking will be a simple pleasure.

Simple to use, everywhere you want to

What’s your weapon of choice? Pick it freely, ‘cause we support pretty much everything both iPhone and iPad, it’s really up to you! You can download the app in a minute, configure your account with your email and password and you are done: the interface is so intuitive you’ll immediately know what to do.

The experience will be just the same as the one you get online, but you’ll be able to carry it in your pocket. You can browse through all the tickets, assign them to other agents, reply with a template answer, browse the knowledge base… everything will be there, packed in a tiny parcel of awesomeness!

mobile apps for customer service and engagement

And of course, we mean chat, too.

Live chat support must be done in real time… but you do not have to use a computer to take care of it! Deskero chat system is completely integrated with our app and you can easily use your device to chat with registered customers, visitors or fellow agents.

You can always keep an eye on our chat thanks to our built in notification system: super easy to manage but flexible enough to take care of all your customers on the fly. You can chat with customers even while walking your dog, and keep an eye on online visitors while chilling out with fellow agents.

Our app will be there, ready when you are!


By Ebe Buzzi
Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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