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If you love your customers, let them go

If you love your customers, let them go

At this moment, the biggest issue that most brands seem to be facing with their online presence is definitely control. While everyone is more than ready to talk about online engagement, and all the major brand are very happy to promote themselves on yet another media channel, their attitude towards the response of customers is not always so positive. There’s a huge inherent vice in this whole...

Channels are just channels: helping customers is a different thing

multi channel customer care

The road is not your final destination
Social media and internet came as quite a shock for the world of customer care. Through these new media, clients could get in contact with companies using a bunch of brand new channels and this created quite a messy situation. Many companies panicked: how can one tackle ALL these incoming messages, without getting lost in the madness?

Acceptable Customer Service Response Time in Social Media

customer service response time

Surprising piece of information: there is currently no existing standard for the acceptable customer service response time on social media. Bet you didn’t see that coming. There is a wall-to-wall consensus on the effective amount of weekly status updates and Tweets, but the subject of response time is still being debated in terms of comparison metrics and user expectations.

Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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