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The truth about live chat: an interview with Craig Borowski


Craig Borowski is a Market Researcher at Software Advice, the online center for help desk software, covering technology and changing trends in the CRM market, with a focus on customer service, marketing automation and the impact of technology on CRM strategy. After having published an interesting infographic based on his great report on the current use of live chat in customer care we asked him a...

INFOGRAPHIC: Who’s afraid of live chat?

livechat infographic

Thinking about using live chat as a customer service channel? Wondering if it could be the right choice for your business? Well, according to this report from help desk system recommendation and research company, Software Advice, there are at least a couple of things you should consider before getting started with live chat support. On the internet everyone use it… but some clients like it...

Cloud software infographic: living in the cloud

deskero cloud software

The cloud is definitely rising. A report from software recommendation and research company, Software Advice, shows that companies do not want on-premises software anymore: they are more expensive, more difficult to manage and way less adaptable. On the other hand, cloud software has constantly risen, thanks to its ease of implementation (say bye bye to all those IT expenses) and attractive...

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