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Rocking customer care during the holidays


Just a few days to Christmas and companies, both online and offline, are flooded with messages of their customers busy buying the last gifts.

So, why not take advantage of the holiday season to improve your relationship with them?

Here there are some tips suggested by Rachel Honig and Peter Shankman, two customer service experts, in their book Nice Companies Finish First.

Keep calm and…


Working during the holidays can be very stressful, but take a deep breath before answering each email or getting on the phone with a customer. Being nice is a must, expecially at Christmas.

Train your temporary support

Have you hired temporary help to manage the work in these days? Make sure that they know everything they have to or both new and loyal customers that receive wrong information will be very disappointed.

Offer loyal discounts

Offer a January discount with December purchases.  This is a great strategy to you get customers back in January while rewarding them for loyalty now. So they can buy a present for their mother-in-law now but have a discount to buy something cute for themselves next year!

Give your customers a present

Rocking customer care during the holidays

It’s not Christmas without presents, isn’t it? So throw a candy cane or something like that in your customers’ packages: they will appreciate it because every present, even a little one, can make you feel very special!

Ask them how you’re doing

This is the right time to take stock of the year that is ending. The better way to determine how you’re doing is to ask your customers and they will be happy to know that you value their opinion.

Check your social channels

Clients leave comments, both positive and negative, on social channel such as your Facebook fanpage or Twitter. Make sure to have a strategy for monitoring what people say about your brand and your products and to be prepared to reply.

One last advice from Shankman:

“And most importantly, take care of yourself. If you’re tired or stressed, you’ll be in no position, physically or emotionally, to help your clients or customers. Eat well this month, and get to the gym, or just leave for 10 minutes every few hours to walk the parking lot and get fresh air.”

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Deskero Blog Customer care, made easy

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