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5 Must-Have Questions for Your Survey


From marketing to support, every team within an organization can benefit from customer surveys. They are a quick and easy way to gather feedback on new products, recent company news, the quality of your support department, and other pertinent information.

However, long surveys have a much lower completion rate than concise ones. While your company may need to gather a variety of information from your customer, don’t scare them away with an intimidating form.

Here are five questions and simple-to-use formats to include on your survey to keep it brief and receive the feedback your team needs:

An email field.

If you create your survey using an online form building platform, the inclusion of an email field is a no-brainer. By requiring visitors to submit their email addresses, you are building two lines of connection with this person: a direct way to follow up with any questions and a possible lead for your sales team.

Are you a/an (insert company here) customer?

If you are gathering feedback after an event or other marketing activity, asking this question is a good way to gauge how many new impressions you received through your marketing efforts. If you are surveying people on behalf of your sales or support team, you can tweak this question to ask if a user is on a trial or if they are a newer customer. That way, you can receive insight on how knowledgeable a user might be about your company or product.

Why are/did you…

These sentence leads have immense possibilities and pack a big punch in just one question. From “Why are you interested in this new feature?” to “Why did you sign up for our service?”, these types of questions give your user an opportunity to voice their opinion on a variety of topics. If you are using an online form, use a Long Answer field to ensure your customer has plenty of room to provide feedback.

Fields with a Likert scale.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy terminology – you’ve had plenty of encounters with Likert scales on surveys. These scales are usually radio button-type questions that have five choices (usually ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”). The inclusion of Likert scales are a simple way to gather feedback from customers, as they require little effort on the user’s part. Simply frame your question in the form of a statement to ensure seamless response.

Do you have any additional comments?

It’s always a good idea to include this question in any survey. It gives the customer an opportunity to voice any additional concerns or comments they might have about your product or service. And with the addition of the email field I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to touch base with customers for clarification on their remarks.

Does your company use surveys for support feedback or marketing measurement? Are there certain questions you include in every questionnaire? Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter – my username is @evachristine09.

Eva McKnight is the public relations specialist at Formstack. She manages Formstack’s social media accounts and media presence. When she’s not bragging about the awesome ways to use Formstack, you can find her taking too many pictures of her cat or trying to avoid cooking.

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By Eva McKnight
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